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I've put together a simple Flappy Bird clone using the accelerated surface library. It's nothing complicated but was a good exercise for me to play around with making a simple game. I've included the source code for you all to play with if you like. I believe Flappy Bird is the pong of this generation for programmers, it serves as a good example of something you should try to learnt o program to teahc you the basics of setting up a game scene, tracking score, reading and writing a highscore to a file, accepting user input and updating the scene quickly to give smooth graphics.
2014-03-04 08.32.17.png
2014-03-04 08.32.02.png

I want to say a big thanks to Informatix for his help with handling the scaling issues I ran into with this to support different screen sizes.


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Dark Foxes

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hello where can I find the libraries that I miss to be able to try? how can I add them?
thanks and sorry for my english, but I'm italian and new to this world


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thank you, to add it as I do?
We shouldn't talk about that point and avoid hijacking the thread. To make it short : you put the library in your Additional library folder (the one you have set in the Tools \ Configure Paths \ Additional libraries of the B4A's IDE). If you have other questions, perhaps could you start a new thread in the Questions forum.


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I'll be honest. If you want to write games in B4A. You're better off using libgdx. I tried it after starting this thread and haven't looked back. It's brilliant. I've written six games using libgdx and two of them have over 100,000 downloads.