B4J Question CloudKVS


Looking at the CloudKVS. Is there a way to manually do a transfer of data.
Here is the situation I have experienced. I have a business that has two location. The main branch handles all ordering and creation of purchase order. The external branch sends the daily invoices and received purchase orders to the main store. This is then posted the master inventory. This past winter we lost power and internet at the external branch. Power was restored in one day however the internet took 4 days. I manually transfer the files back and forth between both locations. They were able to invoice due the fact they had a master inventory file at both locations.
My thought is utilizing CloudKVS as a 'replication' tool between locations.

Using CloudKVS - would the remote location automatically synch when the internet is restored ?? Even it is has been disconnected for days. Also are the events processed in the order they happened.

I like the idea of CloudKVS but it would be nice to do a manual transfer in the event of no internet. Is there a way to do a manual transfer without double posting on item processed.