code just... stops!


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I've attached a work in progress both for feedback but also to see if anyone can point out my dumb error that's causing it to just stop working!

This is a simple app targetted at a 320x240 smartphone (Dash, BlackJack II or similar) to list contacts and allow you to edit them in a more user friendly way than the default contacts app (the things I do to keep my wife a happy smartphone user :) )
If it works I'll look at adapting it to other layouts and maybe even touch devices (though they tend to have bigger screens and are easier to get around)
More than happy to collaborate with others on this - it was initially just intended as a prototype but development has continued ;) If it makes sense may also look at a Simple Calendar etc

When you hit "save" you get the first message box to tell you it's saving, but (if you edit anything on the "P" tab) you don't get the second to tell you it saved... it just seems to exit the subroutine.

It needs Outlook, FormLib, ControlsExDevice and Door libraries

Any ideas (or feedback on the app)?