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I've recently started a new project. I started, as I often do, by making empty stub objects for all the main objects, so I can at least get a clean compile as I work, even though most calls will do nothing. Now, I have some 25 classes, some stubs, some with some code, some complete, and it's starting to get messy keeping track of their status.

So, I got an idea. Wouldn't it be nice if I could, in the file list, in a context menu select a color which the file is displayed in? Preferably, but not necessarily, the same color would be used on the tab for the file when it's open.

Then, each user can make up their own meanings for the colors. For example, I could use:

* Red: Empty.
* Orange: Stub.
* Yellow: Work in progress, not complete.
* Green: Complete.
* White: Tested and deployment ready.

It would reduce the risk of missing something, and would give a nice visual representation of how the work is coming along.
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