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I'm busy building an app that users answer questions on a 1 to 5 scale. Various averages are done to give a final score - a decimal value between 1 and 5. I then wanted to present the result in a colour ranging from red for 1, through yellow to green for 5. I've managed this - attached is an example demo - however, it reminds me of a recent post by TWELVE about a function sub returning more than one variable.

I've accomplished my task with two subs; one for the red value and one for the green, I was then thinking of using the integer value representing the colour and manipulating that, so I could use "Label1.FontColor=integer" instead of "Label1.FontColor=r,g,b" but I can't see how the integer is derived.



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Nice bit of coding there.
The number shown on ur form is the negative integer that represents the colour, the conversions done by int = R*256*256 +G*256 +B or something like that and the signed bit makes it show as negative
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