Combo box selection changed event


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Hi all,

We developed a combobox (Marital Status combo box in Form3, tab page 2) and do some validation checks in the selection change event. When values are changed in this combobox, we check against other previously entered values (date of birth-- Form3,tab page 1). We allow inconstancies to be accepted.

However, when saving the data and afterward closing the form, the consistency check comes into action again.

Another thing, while invoking the same record for editing before doing anything the in the combo box, the message appears for inconsistent record which is supposed to be only in action when the value in the combo box is being changed.

Project is attached.



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You can add a global variable that will prevent the SelectionChanged event to run when you don't want to.
You should test this variable value in the beginning of the event sub and return if it is false.