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Just thinking here... (AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

A community project for b4x to scan / modify b4x source code. Stay with me as it has been a long day.
What I am seeing is a b4j application... Open source... Community driven... And a Erel smile. :)

Brain DUMP!

--- Frame work
1. GUI that reads all files in a b4x project and displays them with a check box. A button to select all or select none or click and select what you want. Maybe even drilling down per sub. Contents stored in a list. (or map or what ever)
2. A class to save the GUI checked items. (Lets call it a 'insert name' project)
3. A class that parses a single file and returns a list of subs.
4. A class that does backup of original b4x files. (pass in a file name or list of file names and get a backup written)
5. A class that writes back out the new code or even just a sub.
6. Anything else I have missed.
--- End frame work

--- functionality (the fun part.)
1. A class that takes the object of subs and adds TRY CATCH blocks.
2. A class counts lines of code, comments, metrics or what ever.
3. A class that inserts debug logging information. (IE: #if DEBUG log("SUB name") #end if)
4. A class that inserts logs to show all values of parameters passed.
5. A class that inserts code to calculates the speed of a sub.
6. More ideas... ????
--- End functionality

Generic classes.
1. Compress a list of files.
2. A class to remove our added code.
3. ????

You get the idea.
I do not know but I think if we divide this up it... it could come together pretty quick. I will volunteer as project manager, build master, code tweaker and GIT manager as well as writing some classes myself. Thoughts? Ideas? Tell me to get bent? Too busy?

In the end blame Erel, it is all his fault!!!!
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I think we don't require Microsoft.WindowsMediaServices SDK to develop Plug-ins. I believe that B4X IDE can call Plugins developed in VB.Net, C# and B4J.
We have concept.
B4X Plug In interface provides Plugin with:
- List of sources files, that user selected in the list of files within IDE (Modules panel)
- Map of Subs. [Key: SubName Value: Map of info about Sub]
- Map of info about Sub. [Key: "Header" Value:List of parameters] [Key: "Body" Value:List of rows within Sub body]
- List of parameters. [Map of info about Parameter]
- Map of info about Parameter [Key: ParameterName Value:Type of parameter]
Plugin-in can modify the structures described above and B4X Plug In interface modifies source code
Next step is to discuss the concept with Erel. If he approves, and implements Plugin-interface in B4X IDE, then we will be able develop plugins.
If you agree with such an approach then I will register wish.
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@JakeBullet70 With respect for you ideas, I think my project Athena bridges the ideas you present since the concept of knowledge management is extremely powerful.
However if you believe strongly in your own vision you might want to create a prototype or tool yourself, and once it works you know that you're heading in the right direction when people not smarter than yourself gives you feedback on your work. I'll leave it with that.
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