Compiler process error?


I just spent a while trying to understand a bug I had which only happened with the compiled exe, but not the source code.

I had an Image control being populated at the end of a subroutine. It worked fine in source but the exe file would not re-populate the image control with a new image. The image seemed frozen with the first image it was populated with.

I tried everything, refresh, hiding and reshowing, etc. Finally I got it to work by simply moving the code that assigned a picture to this image control to the top of the subroutine (it was at the end of the code).

There was no other code that was 'getting in the way' of this image code being correctly processed.

I vaguely recall an error like this with, C, I think. It was something to do with how the code was compiled down to exe binary. I could post the relevent code but I suspect it would be spurious. :)

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Please post your source code if possible.
Hi Erel
Attached is the source for the program in which the error happens.

The SUBroutine with the error is 'Display_bird'.

I have added comments describing the error and where it happened.

I am using v6.90beta

Sarah :)


You have an Errorlabel that will silently trap any errors. If an error occurred before the code at position B was reached then the code will not execute. Try again with a msgbox after the err2 label to see if that is the problem.
Thanks Andrew
Yes. That would be it except that the code works perfectly within the IDE from source. It only goes wrong from the compiled exe file. So if an error is being generated it is doing it from the compiled exe file code alone.:confused: