Android Question Compiling generated Java code. Error

John Morgan

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I recently lost a hard disk and had to reinstall Basic4Android (Registered version 3.82)

I also lost my Android SDk nd I have reinstalled it ( 5.0.1 (API 121))

I am now having trouble running an app which previously ran without problem.

1. The app runs satisfactorily under 'Run last deployment'. I am 95% or more sure that the code which is now producing an error running represents the same app as that which produced the previous 'Release' version.

2. The code compiles successfully using the Test Compilation method.

3. When I use the 'Compile and run' feature on the code I get the error below both for B4A bridge and for a Virtuao DEvice

Parsing code. 0.08
Compiling code. 0.31
Compiling layouts code. 0.03
Generating R file. 0.69
Compiling generated Java code. Error
javac 1.7.0_40
src\b4a\example\ error: cannot find symbol
if (BA.isShellModeRuntimeCheck(processBA)) {
symbol: method isShellModeRuntimeCheck(BA)
location: class BA
1 error

4. Just in case it is relevant, I notice that the debug version is 'legacy' and if I change it to 'Rapid' I get an error.

It does not seem to be a coding error on my part so I would be grateful for further advice,

Best wishes, John Morgan

John Morgan

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Thanks Erel,

I was going to purchase bva-v4-30 anyway.

Should it be a library version issue then I assume that bva-v4-30 would solve it,

Best wishes, John

John Morgan

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Thanks again, it was a library issue.

I am intending to purchase b4a 4.3 but I notice that java 7 is required for it to work.

I am not sure which java version I have. My folder is entitled entitled SDK1.7.0_40
It will save me some dowload time if it could be confirmed whether or not this version works with B4A 4.3,

Best wishes, John