Compiling with old .NET


Hi, is it possible to compile a program with an older version of .NET Framework? If I compile some app with .NET CF 2, lot of devices can't run it, but some time ago i had installed .Net version 1.xx and compiled apps worked also on devices without .net cf 2. And now I have .net 3.5 but B4P shows 2...


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I assume that you are talking about compiling B4PPC apps.

The legacy compiler produces code that should work under .NET 1.0 as long as you don't use any libraries that require .NET 2.0. The apps will also run under .NET 2.0 - in fact a little better as .NET 2.0 is more optimised.

The optimising compiler produces code that needs .NET 2.0.

The .NET Framework 3.5 runtime is actually .NET 2.0 with a couple of minor fixes, this may be why B4PPC shows it as vesion 2.0

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