Android Question Confusion Between .Keystore and .jks files


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I am creating a NEW app.
Regarding this wonderful explanation HERE:
I am a little confused about keystore files and jks files.
After creating the .jks file using keytool I now have both a jks file and a keystore file.
I have addded this:
#if AAB
   #SignKeyFile: C:\keyfile\my-release-key.keystore
    #SignKeyPassword: 12345678
    #SignKeyAlgorithm: -digestalg SHA1 -sigalg SHA256withRSA
#end if
as instructed but it uses keystore.
The article then goes on to use pepk.jar with a keystore file.

Are we using jks and keystore interchangeably here or are these actually two different files we are dealing with?

I did everything using the .jks file and it seems to be happy but there is an optional section in the upload that refers to a jks file.
Any clarity is apprecieated.