Congratulations Erel

Peter Simpson

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I for one would just like to thank Erel for the new IDE in B4J and especially B4A which must have been a complete nightmare to update. I'm enjoying the new colour palette, the new and improved visual designer as you can work on more than one layout at any one time, the awesome debug view window, the intellisense is just a great addition, the new themes, startup logo, (dock, float and auto hide the windows), connecting to B4A-Bridge appears to be flawless now (connects all the time without waiting any more for me) plus much much much more, way too much to mention here. Obviously there are one or two little things that I miss like the debug buttons (Step in, Step over and Step out) no longer being in the debug window (bottom left) :( but I've already gotten used to that now :)

Obviously there will be some changes that a small minority of users will not like, but as the famous saying goes "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" so there :p, anyway I'm one of the many :D

It's been great beta testing B4A 5.00 Beta #x

B4x coding made easy...
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