Connection between different socket


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In a conversation between the Windows socket (program written in vb6 ) and the b4ppc socket we have found the following problems.
Configuration is SERVER : (Socket Windows vb6) CLIENT (Socket b4ppc) :
the connection is successful,(even if the client does not waits the ACCEPT from the server. We noticed the same in the CHIT-CHAT sample .)
Data transmission from CLIENT to SERVER is successful. But In the reverse transmission (SERVER to CLIENT) I receive the following error : Unable to read beyond then end of stream


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connectio between sockets

connection ok
sending data from client to server ok
receiving data from server (pc, with program written in VB6) to client (program client.sbp) gives error:Unable to read beyond then end of stream



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BinaryFile.ReadString / WriteString methods use a specific .Net protocol.
You should only use these methods when the two sides are Basic4ppc or .Net applications.
In your case you should use the raw ReadBytes / WriteBytes methods to send the data.
You can convert arrays of bytes to strings with Bitwise.BytesToString and Bitwise.StringToBytes.