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How do I fix an event that occurs while applying a context menu?
Well, when I put the focus on an existing EditText field, the Keyboard View opens
and with it the EditText field, which is placed above the keyboard view.
And if I select any text fragment, the system context menu with options opens.

Selecting the "share" option in the menu causes uncontrolled keyboard focus.
as a result the EditText field does not return to the bottom of the screen (see: Screen_2)
when the keyboard becomes invisible (hidden).
I tried to fix it by creating my own menu (getting rid of unnecessary menu options for me),
but the problem will remain unresolved when using the system context menu and the "share" option.

Do you have any idea that after selecting the context menu option, you could
examine the keyboard state to be able to change the position for the EditText field on the screen?

Manifest Edytor:
SetActivityAttribute(main, android:windowSoftInputMode, adjustResize|stateHidden)

Sub IME_HeightChanged(NewHeight As Int, OldHeight As Int)
isHide_TheKeyboard = OldHeight < NewHeight


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