Android Question [Solved] Issues with "Custom Context Menu for Text Selection"


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The Custom context menu works fine with Erel's solution from here.

However, this solution has no effect if for example a webview is used on a DialogPanel of the CustomLayoutDialog. Testproject "Variant 1" shows this.

In Testproject "Variant 2" the Sub ContextMenu_Create is moved to the class module but doesn't compile with this message:
B4A Version: 9.00
Parsing code. (0.00s)
Building folders structure. (0.01s)
Compiling code. (0.01s)
Compiling layouts code. (0.00s)
Organizing libraries. (0.00s)
Generating R file. (0.00s)
Compiling generated Java code. Error
javac 1.8.0_191
src\b4a\example\ error: method does not override or implement a method from a supertype
Note: src\b4a\example\ uses or overrides a deprecated API.
Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details.
1 error
Does anyone have any idea how to approach the problem? Custom Dialog and Custom Context Menu are useful components that should work together.


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