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    I have a need to reference control properties using a numeric index e.g.

    for x = 1 to 1:sign0085:0
    control(x).text = table1.text
    control(x).color = cRed

    (where control(x) is a row of 10 columns of 'boxes' that I want to place single characters and color the 'box' with a separate color depending on the contents of the 'box'. there are also 5 rows, so altogether there are 70 'boxes' which I need to reference in a sililar fashion.)

    but I get compiler errors when I do this. Would really like a feature that does this, otherwise it's a very complicated set of individual lines of code to say the list!
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    Thanks - Silly me! I should RTFM! (Read The Flaming Manual!!)