Share My Creation Controlling the UBC125XLT Bearcat Radio scanner.


Hi,this is a kind of specialized tool for a Bearcat Radio scanner ,but
maybe someone finds it interesting.

The app is for the UBC125XLT (Europe) and the BC125AT(US) scanner
there maybe some minor issues when controlling the the UBC126AT (Australia)

An USB OTG cable is needed to connect your phone or tab to the
radio scanner Without this cable the App will not function properly.

With the RadioScanUBC125 app you can use your smartphone
or tab to read / write the channel data of your Uniden UBC125XLT scanner.

You can use the RadioScanProUBC125 app for more advanced functions.

The app can read Excel files (.xls format)
Also the Bearcat button group can be displayed and can be
operated from your phone/tab for real time control functions.
The orange scanner display and the scroll control knob are also shown.

This App has a special search function. On this search screen the found
frequency and signal strength of a transmission is displayed for
a given start-end frequency during a time frame.

A point is set in a graph for each found transmission, so it's easy
to see what are the busiest and quietest frequencies in this band.


Startup Screen


Bearcat button group


Search Function

On playstore :


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Hi @joop
Great work .... i started to do something similar a while back but got side tracked, you have saved me the trouble.
I use mine mainly for listening to aircraft, i use the close call when on board works reasonably well.
thanks Dave.


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Hi Dave thanks,yes listening mostly from aircraft aproach ,sometimes tower when conditions are ok.