ControlsEx library was released


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The ControlsEx library replaces 6 controls libraries and also adds some functionality.
Each control now supports BringToFront, Focus and Refresh methods.
The Control property was replaced with ControlRef property.
The TreeView control now supports the AfterCheck event which occurs after the user checks / unchecks a node.
It can be downloaded here:


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B4PPC start error

I did the ControlEx download and install as instructed.
Removed the other DLL and Help Files from library.

Now when I go to Start->AllPrograms->Basiv4PPC
It wants to install the whole B4PPC

What to do?


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Superb, Erel, similar libraries compacted into one file is a great leap forward.
Thanks so much !


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Apparently deleting the dll files causes this problem.
You should reinstall Basic4ppc.
I will change the setup instructions.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

I had kept the deleted files and simply returned them to the Library.
All works fine.