Share My Creation Corona Track - Extensive Corona related Stats

Corona Track is an application which keeps you updated about the latest data of COVID19 across the world. It captures data from multiple aggregators and gives you latest statistics of every countries across the world. Also indepth Indian data Including that at National, State and Even district level is updated live!
I started it with inspiration from a few similar projects on this forum itself and i want to thank everyone who has made similar projects before
If you wish to report any bugs/issues or wish to contribute/ collaborate on the project feel free to email at or DM me.( I have found a lot of things which can be added firther to make it really informative and useful)

PS: All the data shown is aggregated from different sources and author is not responsible for any discrepancy. If you find any mistake report at the above email.

Planned features:
- US state and Countywise data.
- Containment Zone Details(India)
- Timelines and case-series
- Homescreen Widgets
- Comparison and graphs

Download link
Update May 20,2020
Version 2.3
- Interative Googlecharts powered world map for worldwide stats
- Homescreen widgets which gets autoupdated with world stats every hour
Download link (same as above, above forum limit so cant attach here)

Coming soon ::
Case -Timeseries ("The curve" for all countries across the globe)
Mobility data graphs depicting how the world is easing lockdowns and activities resuming!

PS: Thanks a lot for all forum members for help with simple doubts arising in all stages of the project...
Didn't expect to take the project to a productive level in the beginning but seems to be coming up pretty well :) ;)


Version 3.0
-Added "The Curve" - line graphs of epidemic curves for every country to trace the progress... Check who has been able to "flatten the curve"
- Interactive world and indian map for world and countrywise data
- UI design updates
-Minor Bug fixes

Download link same as usual :