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How much cost for Vehicle GPS Realtime Tracking/Monitoring project?

my email id : [email protected] and pls share yours.
I provide personal wearable tracking with web portals for monitoring and admin - customisable in terms of functionality - GPS, wifi and cell location - uses B4J servers and B4A apk - so you would need an android based in vehicle device. Currently working on OTS dog tags for goods palette tracking as well. It takes about 1-2 months depending on the customisation required.
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It all depends on the needs of the project.
Do you just need to know where each vehicle is?
Will you need to know the route traveled?
Are all devices Android? Or do you have IOS?
How many vehicles will use it?

How often do you need the vehicle update?
Is there a battery problem in the devices?

In my case, I would budget between 2500 euros up to 10,000... or more
Then this system will have a monthly cost, since the data must be collected on a server.
Do you have your own server to avoid this cost?

It is difficult to say a price without having well-defined specifications.

Technically FIREBASE messages can be used to request the position every 15 minutes or something like that.
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