B4R Question Could we have a scrollbar on the window of the card settings in B4R ?


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I said scrollbar but maybe i'm wrong, so maybe: Or whatever can resolve the problem.

I explain the issue here. Even I've a shit of graphic card on my laptop with really weird screen size, it's max 1366x768, and of course "recommanded", i've tested with several resolution, like 1280x768, 1024x768, 800x600 (screen looks very small :D) but nothing changed in B4R..
So, i can't validate the config for Generic ESP8266 card, see screenshot ESPGeneric_cards.png .

That's not a problem if i work with an ESP01 who's the same of 8285, see cards.txt the compiler is the one for ESP01.
But i need now to use ESP8266 Generic with some cards i get, and i'm stuck to use them in B4R :(.

Thanks for any help, tips.