Share My Creation Covid-19 employee screening

This was "born out of desperation on the weekend of 2/3 May 2020. The paperwork and capturing of employee daily screening just became too much since our national lockdown that started on 27 Mar 2020. It works as follows:

1. Taped up all fingerprint scanners so that employees cannot use fingers to clock
2. Issue every employee with a proximity card for clocking purposes (the finger print scanners also read proximity cards)
3. Issued every employee with a "special" formatted QR code (Name, Surname, ID Number, Cell No, Company (we have full time service providers on site from various companies), Employee No, Next of Kin, Next of Kin contact number) and taped it to their proximity cards. Have done this (create QR codes) with B4J using inline Java and iText. Once info is correct in the text file it takes a few seconds to create all the QR codes for all employees (have in excess of 100 QR codes issued). I have posted the B4J project that I am using to create the QR codes with somewhere in the B4J forum - long ago. It creates a nice PDF and easy to then print and cut the QR codes before sticking them to employee proximity cards
4. Issued Security with a old cell phone and installed my screening app on it (my favorite barcode scanner app)
5. Security does daily and then also random screening of employees when they arrive at work (all shifts) or while they are at work (Mon to Sun, 24/7). The app has a lot of TTS to guide security in case they entered a temperature that is was out of range or did not click one of the radio buttons. Based on information captured during screening it will show Security if employee screened is allowed to access site or not or while doing random screenings during the day/night, if the employees should be quarantined.
6. Temperature is measured with an IR scanner and entered manually
7. Important C-19 questions asked and appropriate radio button clicked.
8. Screening records saved in a CSV file that just keeps adding to the same file (date of screening, time of screening, day of the week, all detail as mentioned in 3 above)
9. I manually download the file every day - opening it with Excel (all record field data in individual columns)
10. Switch on the data filter in Excel and can filter screening records to my liking.

It has seriously made the tracking and tracing exercise very simple when I needed to do such an exercise. I now have in excess of 30 000 employee screening records since 4 May 2020 (employees checking in for work and then random screening during the day/night - security just walks around with the cell phone and the IR scanner)