B4J Question CP2104 USB-Serial chip management in B4J and in B4A


I have a hardware development with a CP2104 USB-Serial chip. With B4A App I am able to interface with this chip easily, and read from it a stream of data. The basic code that I use in this case is:

B4A code:
Dim usb1 as UsbSerial
Dim astreams1 As AsyncStreams
usb1.SetCustomDevice(usb1.DRIVER_SILABS, 0x10C4,0xEA61)

Dim dev As Int
dev = usb1.Open(460800, 1)
usb1.SetParameters(460800, usb1.DATABITS_8, usb1.STOPBITS_1, usb1.PARITY_NONE)
If dev <> usb1.USB_NONE Then
End If
Sub Astreams1_NewData (Buffer() As Byte)
    ‘ Here I read the data
End Sub

In B4J I have used the Chat example App that uses the jSerial Lib, to open the COM port that the PC assigned to the CP2104. I can send data from the PC to the CP2104…but I can’t get the data stream from the CP2104 to the PC

I don´t know how to go on. Thanks in advance for your help


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Post your B4J code and device serial spec parameters may help. jSerial works greatly at my side for other usb-serial chips.
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