B4J Question css to change scrollbar color in a combobox?


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I have been able to change most of the colors in a combo box using the "Extra CSS" property in the designer. Using
-fx-body-color: ivory;
-fx-control-inner-background: ivory;
-fx-accent: #F2ECC4;
-fx-selection-bar: #F2ECC4;
-fx-selection-bar-non-focused: #F2ECC4;
-fx-focus-color: #F2ECC4;
-fx-faint-focus-color: #F2ECC4;
I have produced the combobox attached, which has all the color modifications I want except for the scrollbar on the right hand side.
Does anyone know what the keywords are to modify the color - or colors, there may be more than one element - of the scrollbar?
My efforts searching the documentation for CSS have not yielded any success ...


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