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shift+ctr+i still works as quick back search

ctr+i shortcut is in now not used. I think it is good time to enable quick forward search - the way it worked in 3.XX version.


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How is it different than Ctrl + f (which is much more powerful than the built-in incremental feature)?
Incremental search is a much more powerful tool than Ctrl+F for the keyboard savy.
a. The code editor doesnt lose focus
b. The cursor jumps to the search term and you can begin typing
c. You do not need to move your hand at all, just multiple keypress to keep going through the code
d. As you plow through the code, you can see the full context the search term is used in, as opposed to the one line visible in QuickSearch
a1. To add to point a above, your coding will be more immersive.

On the other hand, I find Ctrl+F a bit confusing, maybe i dont know how to use it.
I press Ctrl+F, enter the search term...then I need to press Up/Down arrow to select the line I want, and then press enter.
Once I press enter, lets say I didnt want this search instance, and want the next one, I press Ctrl+F again, then Down and enter.
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ctr+i was a fastest method to jump around all occurrences of string/expression