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John Naylor

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Hi all - I'm looking for suggestions.

I'm writing a system that will run on Android, iOS and MS Windows.

The apps on Android and iOS should work identically (or as close as is possible given the system differences) and both need to load and display a table of data from an online mySQL database. The MS side is more of an admin system so will work differently and I've already sorted that using VB.NET datasets and grid views etc.

I mocked up a proof of concept app with B4A using dbUtils to access a local database and then used a webview to show the results of my SELECT in a table. So far so good.

I've now got the mySQL database up and running and am using jRDC2 to connect to it. This is working great. I can pull in data perfectly but displaying it as a table is another matter.

Given that I'll also be doing this in B4i too (which I've not yet written anything at all in ever) do you have any suggestions of how to best go about achieving data table displays and making maximum use of reusable code / modules?

Should I use jRDC to pull in the data then feed it into a local dbUtils table then use a webview to display the data as a table? (this way of doing it in my test app gave exactly the right look and feel that I'm after but it can change no problem if it means less code to maintain). Would it be better to ditch the webview and use a TableView? Should I write something that parses the jRDC results to an html format then display it in a webview? Forget about maximising reusable code and just use whatever works for each platform? Something else?

Am I missing something? Is there something that I can use on both platforms that will achieve this?

I'll have no more than 8 columns and an average 150 rows so I'm not ploughing through huge amounts of data I just want it formatted nicely with the ability to tap a row and get a click event back and of course I would ideally like to maintain as few different bits of code OS dependant as possible.



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