Android Tutorial [B4X] B4XTable - Load data from SQL database

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    B4XTable.SetData expects a List where each entry in the list is an array of objects with the data of a single row.

    The data can come from any source you like.


    Example of loading the data from a SQL database:
    B4XTable1.AddColumn("Customer Id", B4XTable1.COLUMN_TYPE_NUMBERS)
    "Name", B4XTable1.COLUMN_TYPE_TEXT)
    "Company", B4XTable1.COLUMN_TYPE_TEXT)
    "Address", B4XTable1.COLUMN_TYPE_TEXT)

    Dim Data As List
    Dim rs As ResultSet = sql.ExecQuery("SELECT CustomerId, FirstName, LastName, Company, Address FROM customers")
    Do While rs.NextRow
    Dim row(4As Object
    0) = rs.GetDouble("CustomerId")
    1) = rs.GetString("FirstName") & " " & rs.GetString("LastName")
    2) = rs.GetString("Company")
    'Some of the values are Null. We need to convert them to empty strings:
           If row(2) = Null Then row(2) = ""
    3) = rs.GetString("Address")
    Step #1: add the columns.
    Step #2: fill the Data list with the data coming from the SQL db.
    Step #3: call B4XTable.SetData.

    B4A project is attached.

    Database source:

    Attached Files:

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  2. Omar Moreno

    Omar Moreno Member Licensed User


    The library is very good.
    You could show the code to load a column with SQLITE BLOB type values.

    Thank you.
  3. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

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