B4J Code Snippet DateTime stamp and MessageID for Smtp mail

Noticed that the emailprovider suddenly deletes my automatic generated mails from the Pi.
Looking in the output the dateinfo was not included and also no Message-ID thus the server classifies it as Spam.
This routine generates the map you need to for composing a mail with Date/MessageID
Only issue i didnt resolved (yet) is CultureInfo. Dont know to insert this for DateTime format with B4j.
The Pi generates month/days format in my language, but the english notation is needed. Solved it replacing it in the final string (for the moment)
But there must be a beter way

Sub GenerateRandomArray As Byte()
    Private bc As ByteConverter
    Return bc.IntsToBytes(Array As Int(Rnd(0,10000000000)))
End Sub
smtp header:
Sub GenerateHeader As Map

    Private m As Map
    Private bc As ByteConverter
    Private domain=Main.Settings.Email_sender As String
    If domain.IndexOf("@")>0 Then
    End If
    Private st="<"& bc.HexFromBytes(GenerateRandomArray) &"-" & bc.HexFromBytes(GenerateRandomArray) &"-" & bc.HexFromBytes(GenerateRandomArray) &"-"& bc.HexFromBytes(GenerateRandomArray) &"-"& bc.HexFromBytes(GenerateRandomArray)  & domain &">" As String
    DateTime.DateFormat="EEE, dd MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss Z"
    If st.Contains("di,") Then st=st.Replace("di,","Tue,")
    If st.Contains("ma,") Then st=st.Replace("ma,","Mon,")
    If st.Contains("wo,") Then st=st.Replace("wo,","Wed,")
    If st.Contains("do,") Then st=st.Replace("do,","Thu,")
    If st.Contains("vr,") Then st=st.Replace("vr,","Fri,")
    If st.Contains("za,") Then st=st.Replace("za,","Sat,")
    If st.Contains("zo,") Then st=st.Replace("zo,","Sun,")
    If st.Contains("okt ") Then st=st.Replace("okt ","Oct ")
    If st.Contains("mei ") Then st=st.Replace("mei ","May ")
    If st.Contains("mrt ") Then st=st.Replace("mrt ","Mar ")
    If st.Contains("nov ") Then st=st.Replace("nov ","Nov ")
    If st.Contains("dec ") Then st=st.Replace("dec ","Dec ")
    If st.Contains("jan ") Then st=st.Replace("jan ","Jan ")
    If st.Contains("feb ") Then st=st.Replace("feb ","Feb ")
    If st.Contains("apr ") Then st=st.Replace("apr ","Apr ")
    If st.Contains("jun ") Then st=st.Replace("jun ","Jun ")
    If st.Contains("jul ") Then st=st.Replace("jul ","Jul ")
    If st.Contains("aug ") Then st=st.Replace("aug ","Aug ")
    If st.Contains("sep ") Then st=st.Replace("sep ","Sep ")

    Return m
End Sub