Bug? DateTime.Time ignores TimeFormat when in 24 hr mode

Jack Cole

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It seems there is a bug that happens on iOS when the phone is set to 24-hour mode. It seems to ignore the TimeFormat when you try to get the time string from the ticks value.

Dim TimeVal=DateTime.DateTimeParse(DateTime.Date(DateTime.Now),"07:00") As Long
DateTime.TimeFormat="hh:mm a"
Log("Converted time = "&DateTime.Time(TimeVal))

Here is the log output:
Converted time = 07:00

Turn off 24-hour mode on the phone and you get:
Converted time = 07:00 AM

I think the result should be the same regardless of the time mode the phone is in. Am I missing something or is this a bug?


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As a guess I would think that 19:00 would return 07:00 PM, so you can tell the difference when not in 24 Hour mode. But I can't test it.


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It is fixed for the next update. The locale of the internal date and time formatters will be explicitly set to en_US_POSIX.

As a workaround call this sub when the program starts and pass "en_US_POSIX":
Sub SetDateTimeLocale (locale As String)
   Dim loc As NativeObject
   loc = loc.Initialize("NSLocale").RunMethod("localeWithLocaleIdentifier:", Array(locale))
   Dim no As NativeObject = DateTime
   no.GetField("dateFormat").SetField("locale", loc)
   no.GetField("timeFormat").SetField("locale", loc)
End Sub