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The Deacon Project
is an open-source software project aimed at bringing push notifications to Java applications and the Android mobile telephony platform. Designed to enable developers to run their own notification servers and readily integrate push technology into their apps, Deacon is a lightweight Java class library. The core functions of Deacon are written in pure Java, so Deacon can be used in any Java application; the Android-specific portions are wrapped around this pure-Java core.

There are commercial services that offer push on Android, and Google began supporting "cloud to device messaging" in Android 2.2. If you want to run your push notifications throughyour server, support earlier versions of Android, or use push in your pure Java app, Deacon is for you.

I need to find someone with web service expertise to do the server side stuff:
- Integrate Meteor Webservice, an open source HTTP server, designed to offer developers a simple means of integrating streaming data into web applications without the need for page refreshes.
- Test RSDeacon library with your configured Meteor WebService
- Send a push notification with putty and/or through php

More information can be found here:

I already ported Deacon to Basic4Android, i just need help with the server side aspect of Deacon.

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Hi Tomas, any progress with this project? I'm certainly interested in setting up my own custom push service vs using Google's (or at least have it as an option).