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when trying to run my app in debug mode it looks like working but I can't see anything..
the app can't install also (release mode ok)

maybe something with the certificates?
'    #If RELEASE
'          #CertificateFile: ios_distribution.cer
'          #ProvisionFile: App.mobileprovision
'    #END IF
'#Entitlement: <key>aps-environment</key><string>production</string>
'use the distribution certificate
#CertificateFile: ios_development.cer
'use the provision profile that goes with the explicit App Id
#ProvisionFile: Development2018.mobileprovision
Edit: B4i v5
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1. Use the same certificates for debug and release.
2. Better to avoid using development certificates. Only production.
Ok, thanks

What exactly happens when you run in debug mode? would like to install "myapp"
then click in install then I see the icon trying to install the App in the iPhone but cancel it
and i got the error "unable to download App...."