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yaniv hanya

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I need to include a large book in my app. and I have "theoretical" programing discussion. what is the "right" way to include a book, that needed to be divided for chapters, section (sub-chapters), and to provide reading by choosing chapters, or "smooth" reading.
the main menu should be- chapters, by clicking chapter you get a list of sections, and by clicking it you see the text.

what is the best way to keep all information-
by using SQLite?
by storageging each chapter in text file, and them create database for names and sub-section?
by using pdf reader of some kind?

what do you think?


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If it's pure text, I will go for Book, Chapters,Section,Text fields in SQLite DB; this way you it's easier to have a book index (and use a Treeview (or similar) to navigate from Chapter to Sections to Text) (it will be easy to get the text form a whole Book & Chapter also)
If you can transform this text in PDF format, maybe any of the PDF's libraries/views in Forum let navigate the user by an Index section (or jump to sections on text) ---> search at Forum's Posts
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