Wish Default Project Directory and package name prompt


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With New features coming up, I can't wait for the next version of B4X. I however will like to submit these wish for consideration.

1. In Addition to the Autobackup feature, can we have an option (Setting) to Select PROJECTS FOLDER where all new projects you start goes there, Unless you change it in settings. This will help a proper organisation of our projects.

2. Also, New projects should go into a sub directory with same name. Currently, if you create a new project without creating a folder, the IDE creates all the files (that is: meta, b4a file, starter.bas, files folder and objects folder) in that location which is sometimes difficult to find, especially if there are lots of files already there.

3. Finally, Add prompts for package name on start of new projects. This will prevent the use of the default "b4a.example" package name. Almost all example projects have this package name, and if you run every example, it goes and overwrite the older one, meanwhile, sometimes you will like to have two examples project to compare. Changing it manually everytime is tiring.

Thank you.