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Hello all,

is there any way to define a custom standard typeface (loaded is assets as .ttf) for all elements in an app, instead of changing it in run time? (maybe in manifest...)

This looks easy... how can I implement it in B4A? (from:
"You can do it with the android SDK now, as the Android Developer official youtube channel published in set/2017 here.

Requires API Level 26 (Android 8 Oreo) and above.

You just need to put your font file in the res/font folder and reference them in your TextView in case you need a specific one with the android:fontFamily attribute.

If you want a base font on your whole app, simply put

<item name="android:fontFamily">@font/yourfontname</item>
in your styles.xml

You can download a custom font from Android Studio and on the go if you want as well. All of this you can find with details on the video above."
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