Designer problem - losing a Form


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If you open the attached program in the IDE, open Form2 in the Designer, add a Label or Bbutton (and maybe other controls). Close the Designer, try to run the program and Form1 has vanished! Open the sbp in WordPad and you can see no trace of Form1 or its controls.

I've had a smiilar problem intermittently opening old projects and not been able to reproduce it but this example seems rock solid.


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Thanks agraham.
This is in fact the same bug as this one:
On previous versions of Basic4ppc the designer text was not always "clean".
Extra spaces and other unnecessary characters where saved in the sbp file.
As of version 6.40 the designer text is fixed.
This bug appears because you are loading an older "dirty" file and Basic4ppc doesn't treat it correctly.

Version 6.50 (the stable version) fixes this bug by first cleaning the designer text of older files.