Desktop executable crashes on Vista laptop


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One of my clients is running our software on XP and Vista laptops. All of the XP machines work fine, but one - and only one - of the Vista laptops produces this error:

Error on sub AppStart
Could not load file or assembly System.Data.Sqlite version
Public key token DB937BC244FF139
or one of its dependencies

Note: the client elected to install the software on a Flash drive. Every employee has one, and just checks out a laptop when the go out into the field.

The client can plug this particular flash drive into any other computer, and it works. Plug it into this one Vista machine, and goes kablooey.

My first reaction was: it sounds like .Net 2.0 isn't installed on this machine. But .Net is built into Vista, isn't it?

If anyone has a clue or suspicion as to what may be causing this problem, I'd greatly appreciate your input.




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But .Net is built into Vista, isn't it?
Yes. Vista comes with .NET 3.0 whose Common Language Runtime is a slightly tweaked version 2.0. The major difference is the addition of Windows Presentation Foundation and the Windows Communication Foundation to the Framework.

The first thing to try is to run the app as Administrator in case you have a permission problem. The next is to try running as Administrator in XP SP2 compatibility mode.

I am running Vista Home Premium on my desktop and in developing all my libraries I have had no problems with Vista compatibility. I run Dbasic itself in Administrator mode as a matter of history although technically that is no longer necessary. My compiled apps run fine as non-Administrators but I have to admit that I haven't used Sqlite.