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Good morning, everyone.
My application is finally online.
A big thank you to all those who answered my questions to be able to put it online.

I now have a question about the developer account:

- In 2016, Mr. Ferrari Georges will open a professional developer account.
- At his request, I created and put online an application on the pipe trade.
- In May 2019 Mr. Ferrari Georges passed away.

- With the agreement of his heirs, his nephew took over the business and put the developer account in his name.
- He was asked for proof of this professional developer account, which the nephew was unable to provide.

- So this professional developer account is blocked.
- A sum of money is waiting to be paid and the sales of the application are stopped.

Can you tell me how to restart this developer account?

I was thinking of creating a special developer account in the name of the nephew, closing the professional developer account of Mr. Ferrari Georges.
Put the application online on the nephew's account.
But how to get the money back from the pending money...

Thank you for your answer.
I'm looking forward to it.


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Sending a letter to the Google's team about the new owner could work.
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Good evening
Thank you f0raster0.
That's what we're going.
We should have thought of that.
Yours sincerely.
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