Differnet fontsize in the menu


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Is there a way to set the fontsize in the menu? I have tested my application on my E-ten Glofiish X600 under WM6 and on a HTC Touch diamond under WM6. The menu of the HTC shows a taller fontsize in the menu, so that the last item of the menu can't be shown. I have tried to set another font under the windows mobile settings, but there is the same problem.

Thanks from germany....


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It is a registry setting that will affect all applications. See post #4 here for how I altered my menu font size on my Diamond http://www.basic4ppc.com/forum/basic4ppc-wishlist/2769-vga-version-ppc-ide.html Unfortunately even though you can alter the menu font size Windows Mobile is not clever enough to alter the size of checks (ticks) in the menus so thay look a bit strange if you alter the size a lot :(