Distance-test on UTM and LAT-LON

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    Some GPS freaks info...
    I read of some problems for distance calculation with UTM when crossing the UTM borders. Erel advise to use LAT-LON data in place of UTM data. So, I tested at the same time the accuratie of both, UTM and LAT-LON data, calculating the distance. For LAT-LON, I used the formula from Erel 's GPS example. The results are wonderfull :
    'This works GREAT. The difference between UTM data and LAT-LON data for distance calculation is:
    ' UTM calculate 18405 meters , while LAT_LON calculate 18357 meters, only 48 meters difference on 18400 meters,
    'NOT BAD AT ALL, so from now, I use The LAT-LON data...

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