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Unclear is when compiling for Device (EXE), if this single exe is enough to put this on PDA. Or must I also put a lot of other dll files on the pda?

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What other files may be required to be installed?

I will distribute my compiled B4P application as CAB (or setup) file including all used .dll files. I used the "setupbuilder". The installation workes fine at my own PDA.

My question is, can I be sure that the application will work fine on any other PDA? For example, I understand that the proper .Net Framework must be installed, but the .Net Framework is not part of older WM versions, and there are different versions. If this could be a problem, what should I do to prevent frustration of users who are trying to run my application? :(

Note: Until yet, I didn't try the installation directly after a hard reset of my PDA (WM2003) to see what happend. Nevertheless, this test would not give answers to all views of my question. :cool:

Thank you for any information.:sign0085:
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I remember seeing on mdsn some tutorial to create "self-auto update.net instalation creator", woth the checking....

Another aproach would be determing the .net installed version using the HardWare Lib (NetVersion method) and then continue with the program or not ...


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Hi Erel, Hi Cableguy,
thank you very much for your quick response. Now I feel much better to don't overlook any basics of distribution.