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Thank you Erel, for the update, I appreciate your work, I just wanted to know if this includes DJI UX SDK, and if not, how could it be integrated, in this new version apart from the events you indicate, the rest is very similar to the previous one, thanks


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I just wanted to know if this includes DJI UX SDK
i don´t think so.

The UX wrapper i did in the past. It was based on Erels source of the DJI lib.

I´ll probably do a new one when i have time. But this can take some time.
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Gunnar Daehling

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DJI has released a new version 4.13 of the SDK:

This version now supports the relatively new Mavic Mini:

I would very much like to deal with the programming of an app that also supports this multicopter. I found Erel's thread:

However, I do not know which changes and additions to this example are necessary. I still lack the necessary knowledge for this. I have to rely on additional information. Otherwise this project will probably get stuck with the idea. I would therefore be very grateful for some information.