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This Thread Holds a list of most of the adicional Libraries developed by Basic4PPC users.
This will be updated as often as possible and required.

Remember, this is a work in Progress, and it needs your help to stay up to date....
I cannot List all the DLLs in an acurate maner without The DEVELOPER's HELP...

Listing by Author

Agraham - Andrew Graham
DLL Name and Version - Brief description

BasicLib 4.2 - A runtime scripting language that employs identical syntax to Basic4ppc.
Barcodes 1.0 - Generate 1D and 2D barcodes as bitmaps on device or desktop.
BytesConverter 1.4- Converts fundamental .NET data types to and from an array of bytes.
ChartsDesktop 1.1- Provides four sorts of chart for the desktop, a supserset of the device library.
ChartsDevice 1.2- Provides four sorts of chart for the device, a subset of the desktop library.
ChooseContactDialog 1.1 - For use with the Outlook library it lets a user either choose a contact from a contact list, or choose a specific property of a pre-selected contact.
Clipboard 1.0 - Provides cut and paste to the desktop Clipboard. Only reliable for optimised compiled apps.
Collections 1.5 - Exposes various useful .NET collection classes such as Hashtable, Queue etc.
ColorDialog - A color selection dialog, primarily for the device but works on the desktop.
ControlsExDesktop 1.8 - A set of additional controls for the desktop.
ControlsExDevice 1.9 - A set of additional controls for the device.
CryptDLL 1.0 - An implementation of the Unix-style crypt(3) aAlgorithm for password encryption.
CryptoEx 1.4 - Hashes, data verification, symmetric and asymetric encryption.
DDE 1.1 – A library implementing a DDE Dynamic Data Exchange client, server and monitor. This is for the desktop only.
DebugRecompiler 2.3 - Works with the Debug library to provide debugging for optimised compiled applications.
Debug 2.0 - Debugging aids for the IDE, especially the device, and for optimised compiled applications.
ExpressionEvaluator 1.1 - Evaluates arithmetic expressions in Basic4ppc syntax passed to it as strings at runtime.
Exceptions 1.0 - Provides access to Exception details otherwise not available within Basic4ppc.
ExitWindows - A small library to either log off a user or exit or restart Windows
DoorEx 1.2 -A replacement for the original Door library with additional functionality and some ease of use features added.
FilesEx 1.4 - Additional file and directory information and manipulation.
DriveInfo 1.0 - Provides the storage card names for the device and volume size, used and free space for desktop and device.
FliteDevice 1.0 - Speech synthesis for the device.
Fast Fourier Transform library 1.0 - Forward and inverse Fast Fourier Transforms for device and desktop.
FormExDevice 1.0 - FormExDevice 1.0 - Provides custom floating draggable forms and dialogs for the device.
FormExDesktop 2.0 - Replaces the standard rather limited Basic4ppc Form enabling resize, minimise etc. for better looking desktop apps.
GDI+Desktop 1.4 - Advanced GDI+ graphics and printing support for the desktop only.
GPStoOSGB 1.2 - Converts WGS84 latitude, longitude and altitude to Ordnance Survey Great Britain national grid reference and sealevel height.
GPSSerial 1.3 - A library that provides the same facilities as GPSDriver but for use with serial port GPS devices on desktop, laptop or device.
GifDecoder 1.2 - Extract and save the images from animated GIFs on desktop and device.
GPSDriverNMEA 1.0 - Allows access to the NMEA sentences being parsed by the GPS Intermediate Driver.
HelpDesktop 1.0 - Implements F1, ToolTips and "What's this?" help for desktop applications.
HelpDevice 1.0 - Form help and context menu help for controls in device applications.
HTMLPanel 1.5 - Generate and display coloured formatted text without having to use a WebBrowser.
HTCSensors 1.0 - Access the accelerometer, light, stylus and navigation sensors of the HTC Diamond.
ImageEdit 1.4 - Photographic image manipulation functions for Basic4PPC applications.
ImageLibEx 2.2 - Additional graphical functions including rotated text and gradient fill.
Jpeg 1.1 - Allows the display of large jpeg images on the device without encountering out of memory problems.
NetUDP 1.0 - A communication library with client and server using UDP and providing DNS lookup. Also very convenient for inter-process communication.
MainMenu Version 1.1 - Allows the editing of existing and the creation of new form main menu structures.
Mandelbrot 1.0 – Calculate and display the Mandelbrot set with cusomisable colour mapping.
MSSQL 1.9 - Desktop and device client for accessing Microsoft SQl Server databases
QuickMark 1.1a - Read 1D and 2D barcodes using the QuickMark free application.
Ping1.1 - Implements the IP network Ping function. Will probably need to run as Administrator on the desktop under Vista/Windows 7.
PowerStatus 1.0 - Provides battery state and charging information on devices and laptops.
Remoting 2.0 - Allows one Basic4ppc application to call code in another application running on the same desktop, over a network or even over the Internet.
RichTextDesktop 1.8 - Enhanced text display, editing and printing support, including colour, for desktop applications.
SerialEx 1.1 -Enhanced capability version of the official Serial2 library, capable of binary communications and with additional events.
SpeechLibDesktop 1.2 - Speech synthesis for desktop applications.
StringsEx 1.1 - Enhanced string and stringbuilder functions.
SystemState 1.0 - Provides access to the WM 5.0 and later State and Notifications Broker.
Threading 3.0 - Provides threading capabilities applications both when optimised compiled and within the IDE.
Twain 1.0 - Acquire images from peripherals that have a Twain driver installed on the desktop.
VideocamDesktop 1.3 - Access the videocam, display the video and capture single frames.
WavFileGen 1.0- Generate wav files of a specified frequency and duration. Also replay any wav file.
WebBrowser 1.2 - WebBrowser control for the device with a compatible desktop version for development.
WindowMessage 1.0 - Provides the interception and sending of windows messages allowing low-level interaction with GUI controls.
XML Library 2.6 - Manipulate XML using the .NET XmlReader, XmlWriter, XmlDocument and XmlNode classes.

Cableguy - Paulo Gomes
DLL Name and Version - Brief description

AboutPanel - A very easy to use About panel, with lots of strings outputs, and of course, a logo possability.
ImageButtonEx v2.0 - A single control Dll, only to provide transparency to ImageControl/ImageButton Controls added to a FormExDesktop Form, in wich native Basic4PPC controls won't show.
PassWord TextBox - A simple textbox with the ability to hide the entered text behing a user definable character, like an "*". The output can also be cripted, although in a very simple way...
WebBrowserEx 2.1 - Based on Agraham's WebBrowser DLL, this extends it's props and methods, adding a very cool Optical Zoom method, among others.

Corwin42 - Markus Stipp
DLL Name and Version - Brief description

Locale 1.2 - Make your programs support multiple languages, get culture information like date, time and number formats and convert between them

Derez - David Erez
DLL Name and Version - Brief description

Astro Library 1.0 - A simple way of computing Sunrise and sunset times,Moonrise and Moonset times and Moonphase.
SpecialButtons 1.61 - A set os cool buttons, like Circes,Elipses and poligons.Also includes StateButton and SlideButton.
Color Palette 1.1 - Agraham's ColorDialog and Klaus's ColorPalette module Combined into one library.
DateConvert 1.4 - Convert dates from Gregorian or Julian calendars to Hebrew calendar, and vice versa.
GradientIt 1.3 - For those who need to gradient everything ("Gradientitis") - here is a gradient creating library.
Graphics3D library 1.3 - The library provides means to draw 3D bodies, move and rotate them to any required position and angle
OnTime 1.2 - Provides access to system date, time and time zone offset. It also enables to find the offset at any point by its coordinates.
Probabilty 1.2 - "Calculates various Probability Distribution Density and Commulative functions, creates Random Numbers and enable use of some special mathematical functions."
Matrix library 1.2 - Matrix library provides means to perform mathematical operations between matrices (= arrays of dimension one or two ), on matrices and with scalars.
NAV 1.3 - Nav is a library with some algorithms for use in a navigation application.
TreeViewPlus 1.1 - A series of enhancements to the ControlEx TreeView control.
TVDialog 1.3 - A diferent, perhaps more versatile, FileChoser Dialog Based on a TreeView.

dzt - Dimitris Zacharakis
DLL Name and Version - Brief description

Radio Interface Layer - dzRil.DLL is small library which allows you to get some info from RIL.DLL.
Useful Library - No better description as a Very Useful Library.
zip & unzip library - Implements (wraps is a better word) part of #developZipLib class FastZip
HTMLView Library -It is very simple now to browse internet sites or display local html code or pages from your b4ppc app. It can be used even to implement a completely new User Interface which also can be changed at runtime by providing new html fles.
NotifyIcon Libary - Allows to display an icon to Notification Area on PPC (NotifyIcon.dll) and to Systam Tray on PC (NotifyIconDesktop.dll)
dzEventsMagic - Did you ever miss a B4PPC control event? This is the answer.
CCD Camera Library - Here is a CameraCapture library
dzImage Library - This is my Image Library for Device and Desktop.

Filippo - Filippo Gozza
DLL Name and Version - Brief description

Listview.dll with and without SQLite and SQLce-Interface - ListView Control. witha a lot of interesting features.
fgControls - Some handy controls, with interesting features.
SystemTime - SysTime is a small library to get and set the current system time and system date.
fgDialog - With this DLL you can now create your own dialogs!
fgGradientButtons - With this library you can create a button with a gradient and rounded corners.
fgControls3d - Controls with shade effects.
fgKeyBoard 1.003 - With this library you can create a Virtual-KeyBoard.

maXim - Massimo Mascalchi
DLL Name and Version - Brief description

db2000 date and time functions - In this DLL is a collection of useful functions for the dates management and hours.
db2000 INI files manager - Through the functions of this DLL it is possible to easily manage the INI files.
db2000 italian fiscal tools - In this DLL there are some specific functions for the management of some fiscal data in use in Italy.
db2000 math functions - In this DLL is a collection of mathematics functions some of which are specific to calculate areas and volumes.
db2000 maXim Basic Script - In this DLL they are present a series of functions to manage an basic interpreter. For the functions and the commands of the script of db2000 XBS is tried to make them compatible with those of other interpreters "OLD BASIC" style as the QBasic or EVAL, of this has been shared also the coding of the errors.
db2000 measures conversion - In this DLL there are many useful functions for converting between different units of measurement.
db2000 VB like functions - This small library collects some functions similar to VB.NET and VB6.
db2000 functions library - All DLL's above enclosed in a single library.
Get ID Device - A simple DLL to read the ID of the device in use.
db2000 GetInfoDevice - Another DLL that returns some information of the device in use.
db2000 ADODB interface - This is an Access Database (.mdb) wrapper, wich needs the ADODB.DLL, available in Visual Studio, and over the Internet...
db2000 ping A new small library, the name says everything! Only three functions [ping].IP, [ping].HOST and [ping].GetHOSTIP
db2000 GetKeyboard - This is really a small DLL (approx 8Kb) with only two functions: AsyncKey to "capture" asynchronously the last key pressed and KeyState to check the current status of a given key.

sitajony - Jonathan Bourny
DLL Name and Version - Brief description

FileEncoder V1.0 - With this library you can finally import in your source code Basic4PPC every files type and compile it in your EXE. You can import WMV, EXE, DOC, TXT, MP3

Unique Creation DLL's and their Authors
DLL Name and Version - Brief description - Author

MS SQL Library - MSSQLRemote is a basic library which allows you to access a corporate MS SQL Server. - By citywest
Program registration & protection system now available for Basic4PPC - Posted By DaveW
New Hekkus Sound Library Wrapper! - You are now able to create fast action games with some awesome sound effects that you have full control over while they play or even before and after they play! - By Louis
POP-UP Notifications - This dll adds the notification type popup message at the
bottom of the screen, not in the middle like MsgBox. - by Taximania

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Some new Entries have been made, and are still being updated, in order to list those DLL's that were únique creation by their Authors...Like One Hit Wonders...
This is being done so that ALL users can feel incentivated to create new DLL to be used with Basic4PPC..


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I am seeing some "small" Dlls being published in Language specific forums....
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I am sorry for the delay in updating this list...
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Hi to all.

A recent PM from ZennerDiode brought to my attention that there are some "One-Off's" Dll's created "by request", posted all over the forum, and that may be of interest for the forum users to be Listed alongside the ones posted in the "Aditional Libraries".
Some of these have already been merged in larger Dll's but others have not.

SO this message is meant to ALL dll creators, and especially to Agraham, as he is the most prolific.
Do a quick search on your dll collection and PM me the one's that, although not a "Full-Grown" dll, may be of interest to be Listed.

Thank you all


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