Does Anyone know a good cheap Windows Server?


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Depends on what is "cheap" for you. I have some windows vps running at winity dot io
But you could setup a cloud based at aws, azure, google, etc


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You can buy a Linux VPS for about 5$/month or Windows VPS for about $7-$12/month
Check this site for cheap VPS:

the server should support also ftp uploads (my linux server now does not support it)
All the Linux VPS/server support FTP. You can use Midnight Commander (MC) to do this job.

If you need more info, just PM me. I'm glad to help you :D


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I've been with for about 6 years.

they are good

if you sign up mention my account


and I'll get something for free :)

I've always only been on the basic cheap option and I have about ten websites currently running on it :)

Physically the site is located in 'lost angeles' :) but who cares?

it's quick and the winhost guys pride themselves in their work

a couple of my sites that I'm not too embarrassed to mention will be

check out the speed

More info:

lots of people start asking 'what ftp client do you use?'

lots of people don't realise that you have the absolute best ftp client already built into windows.

open an instance of windows explorer by holding down the windows key and pressing E (E for Explorer) then in the bar type

bung in the login and password and you have an explorer window to your website!

you can paste and copy etc. just as if it was on your local machine!
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From my experience the cheap hosting options are unreliable. Especially beware of shared hosting.

If your requirements allow it you can host the server yourself. It is not too complicated (do not expect 100% uptime...)
Thank you erel, this is a great idea but i have no experience with stuff like this, i think i will need to google a little to see how i can make my own server.

thanx to all other answers, what i ment was, with my linux server i am not able to upload to my ftp account from my apps, ofcourse filezilla works but ftp.upload in b4a doesnot work so i had to use a free ftp server and now i cannot access it anymore.

see this:

my server now is "" i will ask them if i can upgrade to a windows server so i wont have problems with my apps uploading to the ftp account and also i will be able to use other ftp clients then filezilla...



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ok just want to let you know, i have purchased a new windows hosting account and the b4a ftp code is now working well
the problem with the linux server was that is uses ssl (as i have understood linux MUST use ssl) and there was a problem with the certificate
the support team could not help me so i purchased the windows hosting from the same provider (

i hope i wont get any problems, anyway thank all for you help :)
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