Does Basic4ppc Images support animated gifs?


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Is there a way to use animated gifs that animate in basic4ppc. A .dll, etc.
I did make a workaround version with a timer but it would be nice if B4PPC could actually support the regular animated .gif.


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As I could figure out, animated gifs are a bit like icon files...One file, many images...

Although not directly supported, there are examples on the internet on how to use them in c#...

I suggest a difgerent aproach...

Basic4ppc does support retrieving images from a file using the binary library.

It's not to dificult to see were i'm going with this, is it?

Create a file containing the images that compose the animation, as in a gif file, add them to an imagelist array, and using a timer to control animation, rotate the imagelist array index in a picturebox, thus creating an animation...

Almost like a gif, isn't it?

P.S.:With any luck, maybe a new lib will came...