Door and GetProperty use

dan kabestan

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What is the rule of 'GetProperty' use ?
- New1 Component déclaration for each component used (or each kind of component ?)
- AddEvent associate declaration for each event used (or each kind of event ?)
but what else ?
See my sample which seems to accept the B4ppc internal properties
but not the .NET properties. (via GetProperty) and generates an error msg.
I forget something ! but what ?



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obj_bouton.Value = Control(Sender,Event).Data
This is not valid. You cannot get a button reference this way. The sender of the event is a Door Event object and its' Data property returns the eventargs object passed to that event which gives some data about the event. There is no way in B4ppc of finding the original control that caused the Door Event.

Perhaps Erel should add a Sender property to the Door Event that could contain a reference to the original control (I've got my own version of the Door library, I think I'll try adding it to that and have a play and see if it works)

EDIT :- Damn! You got in first again Erel while I was writing a reply.

dan kabestan

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Thanks for answers. All that is not "lighting", it's time to Warning.

Is there any place where we can find a < list or table-grid > which present the Door 'authorized' case and others ?
(cf : "....for the MouseMove event and not for MouseLeave event....")
How do you want that end-user know it without documentation ? (those events exists in VB)

As other DLL, Door is presented as a tool which complete the standalone B4ppc ( that we inderstand).
We could suppose : it's a so FULL door with .NET properties for some components choosed.

Remember the start of this tool was the < easy to use > small BASIC cross platform .

So if it's the only way of B4ppc instructions-events update, it's not an easy way for BASIC end-user.
Learn the depth of .NET Cathedral is not a end-user objective. (And then VB or Delphi are certanly the best way)

The risk of this approach of the multiple DLL is an explosion of this tool, and maybe some users desertion.
I have made a lot of work with B4ppc more than year ago but i'm not sure to continue in the complexity way.

That i dont understand is : why new instructions / events are not included in a upgrade standalone B4ppc !
This product is so compact and could accept some Ko of updates ?

Waiting the super-integrated-B4ppc, a Full-Door is greatly wanted......

Have a nice day.


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As stated in the Door documentation, this library (and only this one) requires some knowledge about the .Net Framework.

I think that almost all device relevant events are already supported in Basic4ppc.
The Door library can only fill "small gaps" for specific problems or missing features, it doesn't suppose to replace fully functional libraries.

All my examples of the Door library are complete functional subs that allow you to take the example as-is and use it in your own project.

I do understand the frustration of users who are not familiar with the .Net Framework (like most Basic4ppc users) and try to use the Door library unsuccessfully.

If you think that an important event or feature is missing from Basic4ppc please add it to the Wishlist sub-forum.