Android Question Doubt about [B4X] Audio Streaming TCP project


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Hi everyone!

I've testing the This project, and works very good, thanks @Star-Dust ! But I have a doubt, how can I avoid to receive my own audio? Because, the server send all audio sent by each user to all connected users to the server, including my self ... To try to solve this, I tried to send instead the raw audio data, send an user defined object with the audio streming data inside with each userid too, but the audio did not sent/receive well, like the original version using the raw audio data... (may be a delay on audio recording when user defined object are used...).

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!


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testing the project, if B4J i have this error:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No line matching interface TargetDataLine supporting format PCM_SIGNED 44100.0 Hz, 16 bit, mono, 2 bytes/frame, little-endian is supported.

what could be the problem?
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