Android Code Snippet [B4X] Audio Streaming TCP (with server)

Based on this @Erel code that simulated a Walkie Talkie, I developed a system for streaming audio between Android and Desktop devices with the addition of a Desktop server.

I chose to create a separate server in order to make it easier to connect with multiple devices.

You can find the version that uses the UDP protocol in this link

Note: The B4J version requires the Audiolorecord library. The B4A requires the Audio library. The B4a version works better if you have headphones (avoid the return of audio) or turn off listening when you speak and vice versa ...


  • b4a tcp
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  • b4j tcp Audio
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And next... Audio & Video...
And ... With Stun/Turn Server...
Is just my Dream :)


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But not as one Stream šŸ˜
I believe so, but maybe I'm not understanding what you mean. Open a new forum topic specifying what you would like specifically