downgrade to v6.8


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I use v6.9 but want to downgrade to v6.8 version.

I have done this:
1) I uninstalled v6.9 from my PC
2) I restarted
3) I deleted the folder Basic4PPC and all remaining files
4) I installed v6.8 full version
5) I copied licence.txt into Basic4PPC folder

But the application shows I still have v6.9 and it does not require licence.txt from me.
I cannot compile now at all. Can you advise me what to do?

I keep installation files for both v6.8 and v6.9 and one licence.txt file.


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Go to Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs and remove all instances of Basic4ppc Desktop.
Install Basic4ppc Desktop v6.8.

BTW, why are you downgrading?


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OK, I will try to do it. The reason why I want to use the v6.8 is that not all libraries (made by others) have been recompiled and I cannot use them in v6.9. Of course, I can use different libraries to achive the goal but I would like to keep the program code in my application as it is from the very beginning. (L)