Android Question Download And Save And Show Image in LoOp


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I'm a social network application

When you open the application registered users list(the name and photo)will appear.

I can download image and show in imageview with Picasso library, but it can't be saved in thememory

I do not want to be cached images

I want to download and save to memory and display

then next time if we enter the application if there photo in memory shown else download and save photos then display


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This code saves a Bitmap object named bmp to a file:
Dim out AsOutputStream
out = File.OpenOutput(File.DirDefaultExternal, "1.jpg", False)
bmp.WriteToStream(out, 100, "JPEG")
Tnx For Replay Erel But Ago i tested it

if load image with picasso and save with this method the size of saved image is 2kb and when open is black !!

plz see ScreenShot