Android Question Download big files with HttpJob


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Hi, my app downloads large (video)files from a server, running The app request tells filename and offset and than gets about 1 MB of data. Than next request with next offset (see code).
It works, but I have the feeling, that it is not the best solution. I have now larger files > 70MB and so I have to call the server 70 times for one file. I think, a B4J server could be better, but I don't own the server by myself and it is only ASP.Net running on it. So my questions are:

1. What would be the max byte array, that I can download that way in one part?
2. Could I improve something else, so may be not always open and close the server every time?

Sub StartDownload
    Dim sRequest As String = GetRequest(dlt) 'dlt is a Type with Download-Infos like filename'
    Dim sLokalPfad As String = dlt.filename
    Dim Out As OutputStream
    Out = File.OpenOutput(sFolder, sLokalPfad, True)
        Do While(iOffs < iSize) 'Download File in parts
            Dim sRequest As String = GetRequest(dlt)
            Dim job As HttpJob
            job.Initialize("", Me)
            job.PostString(APPSERVER, sRequest) 'Call server
            Wait For (job) JobDone(job As HttpJob) 'wait for answer
            If job.Success Then
                Dim iBytesDownloaded As Int = Download(job.GetInputStream, Out) 'Create file
                If iBytesDownloaded <= 0 Then Exit
                iOffs = iOffs + iBytesDownloaded
            End If
End Sub

'Writes the next  part data to file
Sub Download(strm As InputStream, Out As OutputStream) As Int
    Dim buffer(20000000) As Byte 'max 20 MB , currently in server set to max 1 MB 
    Dim iSize As Int = strm.ReadBytes(buffer, 0, buffer.Length)
    If iSize >= buffer.Length Then Return 0 'zu groß
    If iSize <= 0 Then Return 0

    If iSize < 200 Then 'it's a Text (exception-info), not binary
        Dim sResponseErr As String = BytesToString(buffer, 0, iSize, "UTF-8")
        ToastMessage(sResponseErr, False)
        Return 0
    End If
    Out.WriteBytes(buffer, 0, iSize)
    Return iSize
End Sub

Thanks for your ideas!